Hello, world!

I am a student at Utah State University, and president of the Free Software and Linux Club. I study Computer Science and sometimes Math.

Point of this website

This website is mainly a playground for the Phoenix library, but also hosts/lists some of my Projects.

In general, things I like:

  • Lisp, C, Elixir, (some aspects of) JavaScript, and to a lesser extent, Java
  • Emacs
  • Linux
  • Functional programming
  • Chess
  • Speedcubing
  • Science
  • Number theory, real analysis, and discrete mathematics
  • Minecraft
  • Democratic nations that practice social ideals to better the lives of its citizens rather than capital owners

And things I dislike:

  • Windows
  • Over-abstracted Object Oriented code
  • Snap, Flatpak, etc.
  • English
  • Conservatism, and, religion in general