I'm R U R' U' and I know it

Hello, world!

My name is Simponic. I currently go to Utah State University, and am the vice president of the Free Software and Linux Club. I study and love Math and Computer Science.

Point of this website

This website is a playground for the Phoenix library, which I have been loving developing in. This site will host my Personal Projects.

If you'd like to contribute or view the source code of this project it is on My Github.

In general, things I like:

  • Lisp, C, Elixir, Python, C++, (some aspects of) JavaScript
  • Number theory, real analysis, discrete mathematics
  • Emacs
  • Linux and various BSD's
  • Functional programming
  • Chess
  • Speedcubing
  • Physics, Chemistry
  • Splitgate, Minecraft

And things I dislike:

  • Windows
  • Over-abstracted Object Oriented code
  • Software with useless dependencies
  • Snap, Flatpak, etc.
  • Java
  • Biology